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Monday, August 15, 2011


I had planned to post pictures of my vacation goodies a little sooner – but I had a medical procedure a couple of weeks ago and it was a little more extensive than originally expected.  So I have been a little under the weather and it took me longer to get things in place.  I am feeling better now and wanted to show y’all some of our goodies.

As I mentioned in my last post, we were blessed to meet Betty,
Through my Backdoor, for lunch and afterwards she took us to The Speckled Hen.  When we arrived at The Hen, Betty had a gift for me – an adorable prim candle.  I had been wanting one of these for a while and already had a place for it.  I found this old iron ladle a few months ago and thought it would look good hanging on my cupboard door, with one of these candles.  It couldn’t have been more perfect.


Close-up of candle.  Isn’t the detail beautiful?


I had two things on my wish list
, that I hoped to find while on vacation – Tobacco Cloth curtains and lamp shades for our Blue & Brown Guest Room.  I was so excited to find the curtains at The Speckled Hen.  I got the long ones and even after washing and drying them they are still longer than I was thinking I wanted for these windows.  What do y’all think?  Should I cut them off so that they only come to the bottom of the window?


I didn’t find the lamp shades while on vacation, but when I got home I found some online and ordered them.  They turned out to be just what I had in mind.  The tag said they are navy and kacki check, but the navy is actually a dark country blue.  The color doesn’t show very well in the picture, but I think it is perfect.


I now have all of the bones in place for this room – quilt, bed skirt, curtains, and new lamp shades.  I am thinking about painting the walls in a shade of kacki – they are now a soft gold.  Of course there will always be accessories to add and tweek – but that is the fun of decorating, isn’t it?

While we were shopping in Clinton for their “Christmas in July” sale day, my DH mentioned that he had two things on his wish list – a corn sheller and a pitcher pump.  We were so surprised to find a corn sheller, in a most unlikely shop, and the price was great.  The sheller was attached to a wooden bin – DH said he only wanted the sheller, but I wanted the bin, so we brought them both home.  We did see a couple of pumps, but they were not in our price range.

Adolph wanted to show me how the sheller works.


 You put an ear of dried corn in the top, turn the handle, and the corn kernels fall into the bottom of the bin.


See the kernels in the bottom of the bin?


Then when all of the kernels are off, the cob comes out of the back.


The corn sheller is so cool. I don’t know why he wanted one, except he said he used one growing up, to prepare feed for their animals. I knew why I wanted the bin though – I can’t wait to fill it with potted mums for the Fall.

Here is is sitting in our backyard.  Two of the bin’s legs are shorter, so that the bottom slants downward. I just love the way it looks.  We plan to enlarge the mulched area between the trees and add some other plants.


After shopping in Clinton, we went by Betty’s for a visit (see previous post) and when we left, Betty gifted me with a tobacco basket.  I have been wanting one for a long time.

I have it on the porch of Adolph’s workshop for now – I am still looking for that special place where it will call home.

Close-up – isn’t it primtastic?


We did find a few other small goodies, but I haven’t found homes for them yet.  They have been added to my other treasures that are waiting for that special spot or purpose.  I enjoy having a stash of goodies to pull from when I am in the mood to tweek, don’t y’all?

I hope y’all are all enjoying these last days of summer!