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Saturday, February 25, 2012


Today was the day for the monthly Antique Street Fair in Arcadia.  The weather was beautiful, and after the disappointment of last month I just had to go.  I am so blessed that my hubby is willing to go antiquing with me – he is my favorite shopping buddy.

There were a lot of vendors and a great crowd.  I didn’t find a lot today, but with the treasures I did find I was ready to call it a day early and go to lunch with my DH.

My goodies were: the Spring issue of A Simple Life magazine, a child size rolling pin, a stoneware jug, and a wonderful old trunk. 


The trunk was purchased from Karen, a vendor of awesome primitives, who sets up in front of Maddy’s.  I always find A Simple Life magazine and other great goodies at
Maddy’s, the best primitive antique shop in Central Florida.

A Bit of This & That

On Valentine’s Day I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon.  I usually go by myself, but Adolph said he planned to go with me and we would do something afterwards.  So after the appointment he took me to my favorite boutique and bought me a Brighton charm necklace and several beads for it.  I love it when he lets me pick out my gifts.  Then after shopping we went to Abuello’s for dinner – my last unrestricted meal (see paragraph below).

Back to my doctor’s appointment.  My doctor said I need to lose some weight to help with a couple of health issues.  I thought about keeping this to myself, but decided to be vulnerable and make this public.  Maybe I will be more consistent and accountable knowing that it is out here in blogland.  What my doctor asked me to do is to write down every BLT - bite, lick, & taste –that goes into my mouth.  I had no idea what I was actually eating.  I thought I was eating low fat and low carb, but with eating out a lot and snacking with Caleb and not really knowing the fat and carb counts of what I was eating it added up – a lot!  I downloaded a calorie counter on my phone and look up every BLT and it is really helping.  I started the day after Valentine’s and I have already lost 10 pounds - I have 15 more to go to reach my goal.  I know the rest of the pounds won’t go as fast, but the fast start has been very encouraging.  Ok, now I feel accountable, because I will have to share whether I stick with it or not.

A Little Bit More

On Thursday I was babysitting our 4 youngest grandchildren.  We went outside to play and made a wonderful discovery.  We found a Monarch butterfly that had just emerged from its chrysalis. Its wings had not opened yet, so we kept watch for a good while and as I looked away the kids saw it take its first flight.  It landed on my husband’s nose and sat there and fluttered for several seconds, but the kids excitement scared it away.  It landed again on a nearby bush and I was able to get a picture.


What a fun learning experience.  While we watched and waited I read the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and we talked about the life cycle of butterflies.  Later in the day we found two small caterpillars eating on a plant, and we hope to see them complete their life cycle and become butterflies.  Two of our grandchildren are home schooled, so they were able to count this as a science lesson.

If you stayed with me to the end – thanks for visiting today.  I am always blessed by your visits and comments.

Blessings to you,

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The hearts…

A couple of weeks ago Becky (Primitives n Stitchin) offered one of her heart ornies to the first five people to comment on her post.  I was fortunate to be number three. 

This is the adorable heart I received.

She also offered these hearts for sale and I purchased five more.  They are made from an old quilt, with some grungy cheesecloth wrapped around each one, and a tag attached with a rusty bell & pin.

Aren’t they primtastic?

I don’t decorate for Valentine’s, but these are so prim I will use them throughout the year.

The cupboard…

I got a Keurig for Christmas and I love it, but it sure does make a big modern statement on our kitchen counter.  Especially sitting along side hubby’s coffee maker.  Yes, we each have our own – I don’t drink coffee, but I sure do enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, tea, and cider.  Adolph drinks a pot of coffee each morning and isn’t yet ready to give that up for the individual cups.

Aren’t they lovely?

I asked Adolph to make a cupboard to hide them and he got it finished today.  I love the way it turned out.  (It’s not shinny, but I couldn’t get a good picture without the reflection from the flash.)

Much better!

I’ve asked him to make a similar cupboard for our bathroom, to hide some of our everyday necessities.  He plans to start on that tomorrow.  I look forward to doing some tweaking and having a more prim look in the bathroom.  Will share photos when it is finished.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week.