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Sunday, January 29, 2012


Yesterday was the monthly Antique Fair in Arcadia and I really wanted to go.  I haven’t been able to go for a few months and I was really looking forward to it.  I went, but I shouldn’t have…

On Friday night Adolph and I went out to eat, and a few hours after eating he got sick.  I felt a bit yucky but thought maybe it was just sympathy for him.  (I didn’t want to be sick because I really wanted to go to Arcadia.)  Mind over matter didn’t work – I got sick too.  We were both up off and on all night – not fun at all.  But when I got up Saturday morning I convinced myself that I was okay and could still go…

So, I picked up my friend Connie and we headed out.  The closer we got to Arcadia the more I knew I had made a mistake – I was not feeling well at all.  Since I knew we would not be staying long I wanted to say hello to Judi and Karen, my favorite “Fair” vendors, and visit Maddy’s, my favorite antique shop.  After a brief visit we walked around a bit, but I just couldn’t enjoy myself as I kept fighting being sick.  I had to ask Connie to drive us home as I didn’t feel well enough to drive…

I know – I shouldn’t have, but I am stubborn – and I REALLY WANTED TO GO. 

I did pick up the Fall issue of A Simple Life magazine at Maddy’s – somehow I had missed this issue.  (I was glad to have it to look at this afternoon as I was still recovering.)  As we walked down the sidewalk from Maddy’s we passed a table with a bit of pewter and  I just happened to find something – two goblets, a coffee or tea pot (don’t know which it was meant for), and a sugar and creamer. At least the trip was not totally wasted. 


I have been wanting to do something different with the shelves on my clock, so I moved three of the pitchers from my pewter collection to the clock.  I was able to fill in the gaps in my pewter display with the new pieces I found on Saturday.  (It was hard to get a good picture as this is in a narrow area.)

002    004

So, even though it was not the best of weekends, it still had it’s bright spots – some new goodies, a bit of tweaking, and we are both feeling better.

Thank you for visiting and have a blessed week,


Civil Folks said...

Glad you are better! It is no fun being somewhere you want to be lugging a bug with you! Love the pewter.

Cabin Fever Primitives said...

Oh that nasty bug, I felt a little queasy at work today but made it through. I do not have time to be sick, so much to do. Love your pewter finds, that is on my hunting list this year. Feb 11-12 is our Antique Festival in Springfield, Mo, I am taking off work to attend, can not wait.
Hugs, Connie

Holly said...

Glad you are feeling better! Love your finds!

earlene said...

Goodness Sue that is willpower! Great pieces that you found.
Food poisoning is terrible but it quits as fast as it started. I hope your feeling better today!
Happy Monday

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Sue,
I do hope today finds you much better and I'm so sorry you both became ill - but you know what, I think I would have done the same thing you did...tell myself it's okay and head on out - probably even done it a time or two.
What wonderful treasures you found...goodness the Pewter alone would have made my day!

I read your prior post and love all that you found on that shopping the sieves...


BumbleBeeLane said...

I've done that too Sue.Wanted to go so bad try to convince myself it's in my head.Sounds like you still had some fun.Maybe the pewter pot is a chocolate Pot used to make a hot chocolate drink but I don't think they added sugar like we do today.Oh and I wanted to tell you that table of pewter picture on my blog was from the fleamarket we set up at.The lady usually has about 2 tables stacked.I like pewter just haven't started collecting yet maybe will add some this summer.Warm Blessings!~Amy

bettyj said...

Love your pewter! Hope you are feeling better. I have the pot and I call it a coffee pot. I guess you can call it what you

Angie Berry said...

Oh goodness girl, that's not good but so glad you are both feeling better now. I would have done the same thing as I don't like missing out on those trips, hehe. At least you were able to pick up some great pieces before you headed home. I could so see me doing the same thing, haha. Love how you have your pewter displayed, looks great in the clock cabinet!