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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I worked on a couple of displays today.

First, I did a little tweaking in the great room.  I removed the Sweet Annie from the pitcher on top of the book case.  (See header photo.)  I like the simpler look better.

I wanted to do something different, and simple, on my coffee table.  I remembered seeing a wooden bowl with dried orange slices on someone’s blog (sorry I don’t remember where I saw it).  So I thought I would give it a try.  My coffee table is a black leather-covered trunk.  I placed an old coverlet scrap under a wooden bowl and then put some dried orange slices in the bowl.  I liked it, but it seemed to need a little something else.  I added a few dried oranges that I bought last year and it turned out just the way I wanted.  I think I will keep it this way for a while.

Next, I worked on a couple of displays in the kitchen.  I did a little tweaking on my stove board, using a cutting board to cover the clock.


I moved the cubby bin and pitcher of spoons from the counter to my dry sink “island”.  Then I added a couple of butter paddles and a wooden butter mold.  The old jars were a gift from my sister.


The reason I moved the items from the kitchen counter is that my hubby got me a Keurig coffee pot, so I needed the space.  I’ve asked him to build a cover for it – hopefully that will happen soon.  I will post a picture when he gets it done.
I am still working on a display for the wash stand in the hall bathroom – I just haven’t found the look I want yet.  I would also like to do something different in our master bedroom - I’m still waiting for inspiration there too.  But the fun of decorating is tweaking, isn’t it?

I hope you are all having a blessed week, 



Primitive Echoes said...

These are all just beautiful displays. I love them all. I am going simpler this year too. Well so I say right now anyway.

Cabin Fever Primitives said...

Your dough bowl with the orange slices is perfectly prim and simple. I did some tweaking today as well, packed away all the Christmas Decor today and then moved some furniture around, needed a fresh look. I agree simple is better. I put away a few things, it was hard but I like the look better.

Angie Berry said...

Haha, I had to laugh when you start listing all the things you want to do... I haven't been able to sleep for 4 nights because I kept thinking of things I want to do. I finally decided on colors for my bedroom and I kept waking up in the middle of the night thinking about it, lol. I really despise this time of year because that's when all the remodels/makeovers start coming to mind and my project list gets even longer, ugh!

But I love your tweaking. The orange slices in your wooden bowl look great on top of the black trunk. Plus, I'm sure it smells delicious, yum!

Congrats on the Keurig! I would be tweaking for one of those too, lol. I love all of your kitchen prims. We collect a lot of the same things.

Everything looks great Sue!

Green Creek Primitives said...

Hi Sue, Isn't tweaking fun, I am always adjusting something in my house. Love the stovetop arrangement, I had gotten some of those oranges this year also, just love them. Yes I had to rearrange my whole kitchen just to make room for my knew Keurig, just love it, can't wait to see more of your tweaking. Vicky

bettyj said...

Everything looks good. I love your bowl with the orange slices. I may have to copy I can't seem to get things right after I take my Christmas down. It takes ma a while.
Have a wonderful week.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Sue!
Wonderful new changes and what a great looking leather topped trunk...hope to get to see the whole thing sometime.

jennifer768 said...

Morning Sue!Love your tweaking !Hugs,Jen

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

hi, Sue
Happy New Year~
Pretty displays~ sound like me sometimes we just have to wait for that inspiration~ seems like mine happens when I lay down at night to relax~ the decorator in me goes into over drive~giggles~
enjoy your day

Patty Sumner said...

Beautiful just beautiful Sue. I have such a hard time trying to determine if I am Prim, french country or farmhouse. I guess I am just a little bit of them all. Blessings!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Love everything! Simple is better!

The Country Nest said...

It is that tweaking time of year. The bowl with the oranges is great and I love your trunk. Sometimes it is hard to be just prim....I have colonial mixed in. Your home looks great.