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Saturday, March 24, 2012



Last week on our get away, while visiting the When Pigs Fly shop, they told us about the Mount Dora Annual Spring Antiques, Collectibles, & Crafts Show being held this weekend.  Doesn’t this sound like something you would want to go to?  Also, yesterday the When Pigs Fly blog showed a sneak peek of some of the goodies they were offering.  If you check out their blog you will see why I thought I wanted to go.

Well, Adolph and I got up early this morning and headed to Mount Dora, but were we ever disappointed.  There were a lot of vendors set up in the streets downtown, but this was more of an art show than an antiques or collectibles show.  We only saw three booths with antiques and there was nothing we were interested in.  So we headed to When Pigs Fly – there where a lot of great goodies to look at, but the prices kept us from buying.

We left Mount Dora and headed to an Antique Mall in Wildwood that we had visited last week.  I found a grater and a two pewter plates that I needed to finish a couple of displays.


I needed one more small grater to add to my collection.


After moving my pewter collection recently I needed nine plates to balance the shelves and I only had eight.  Looks kinda skimpy doesn’t it?


Today a found another set of the small and large plates to add to the bottom shelf.  I think it looks much better now.


As we headed home we took a little detour to Dade City.  I found a garden seed sack, and these pillow made from old quilts and a coverlet, at Antiques On the Main Street.


I tucked the small pillows in baskets sitting in the top of this dry sink.


I put the larger quilted pillow on the bed in our blue/brown guest room.


I made pillows from the seed sack I found today and the grain sack I got last week for the other guest room.


Yes, I got a few nice goodies going north, but not in Mount Dora.  Had we not made the side trips it would have been a total bust.


Today was the monthly Antiques Street Fair in Arcadia - wish we had gone there instead.    It is just such a pleasant outing and I am never disappointed.  I missed visiting my prim friends and Maddy’s, my favorite prim shop, and shopping the other vendors that always have lots of great goodies to choose from.

I know sometimes we have to try new things or we might miss out, but there is something to be said for the familiar and dependable too.

Anyway, it was a great day to be outside.  Hope you are all enjoying beautiful Spring weather as well.

Spring Blessings,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


On Sunday we celebrated our oldest granddaughter’s 21st birthday.  She didn’t want a party, all she wanted was to go out to dinner at her favorite seafood restaurant with her family, boyfriend, and Papa and Grammie (that’s hubby and me).  We took two cars and were privileged to have Alexis and her boyfriend ride with us.  She has been a delight her whole life and it has been such a joy to watch her grow up.

I was enjoying myself so much that I didn’t take many pictures and the ones I did take didn’t turn out very well, but I have a couple to share.

Alexis, the birthday girl.

Alexis with her boyfriend Elisha. (He’s a keeper.)

They went for a walk on the beach and her Dad got a beautiful picture of them with the sunset in the background.


The calendar says it is officially Spring, but we have been experiencing Spring weather for weeks.  We have begun planting annuals, pruning trees and shrubs, watching caterpillars turn into butterflies, and enjoying this glorious weather.

To welcome the first day of Spring I thought I would share a Touch of Spring around my house.  I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking.


Wishing you all a blessed Spring,

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Since it is Spring Break for our grands, and we had a few days free from baby sitting, Adolph and I were able to get away for a couple of days.  We decided to go antiquing. There are several antique shops within two to three hours of home that we like to visit. 

On Thursday we met friends for lunch (who moved a couple of hours north of us) and visited their new home. We also had time to briefly visit a great antique mall before finding our hotel, eating dinner and getting some rest.

On Friday we got an early start, and after breakfast, we headed to a new primitive shop that recently opened in Mount Dora.  It is called When Pigs Fly and it is awesome.  Check out their blog.  Next, we went back to the antique mall, where I found a couple of goodies.  We spent the rest of the day going from shop to shop, doing a lot of looking.  We didn’t find as much this time to bring home, but it was fun to look and hubby and I enjoyed the time we spent together.

I have been looking for cotton grain/feed sacks for several months and on Friday I found my first one.  I have been able to find some made of burlap, but not the ones made out of cotton fabric.  I plan to make a throw pillow for the guest room.   We also found a bread board, a cutting board, and a small basket.

We have also been looking for a nine pane window for over two years – we found one of those on Friday.  I will share what I do with it in a future post.

It is always fun to get away, but then we have to come home and get back to life as usual.  I plan to clean up my new window and get started on my project this weekend.  Then on Sunday we will celebrate a special birthday.

I hope you all have a blessed weekend,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I will start with my weight loss update.  It has been four weeks since my journey began and I am thrilled to have lost 13 pounds.  I lost 8 pounds the first week, and 2, 1, and 2 pounds the past three weeks.  This has encouraged me to hang in there – I have 12 pounds to go.  I know it won’t go as fast for the remaining pounds, but I am determined to get there.

I mentioned in a post several weeks ago that I had asked my sweet hubby to build a small cupboard for our bathroom.  Well he got right to work on it and had it finished in no time, but I am just getting around to sharing it with you. 

I love our pedestal sinks and washstand in our bathroom, but storage is limited.  I tried to keep my mess behind doors in the bottom of the washstand, but it just kept ending up on top.  Then I thought I would just keep a few often used items on top in baskets, but other things just kept refusing to put themselves away.

So this was the cluttered mess.

The finished cupboard.

Everything fits nicely in the new cupboard – with room left over for more.

I love the new clean look.  The shaving mugs on the top belonged to my FIL, my Grandfather, and my Father, respectively.

I finally put away my few hearts and put out a few Spring things.  I will try to get pictures taken and post them soon.

It is Spring Break for our grands this week.  We only had them Monday and Tuesday, since Mommy had to work those days. The rest of the week we have free and have a few things planned - will share those in my next post.

Hope you are all enjoying a blessed week,