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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I was a little late decorating for Christmas this year. I just don’t seem to have the energy this year to do as much as I have in the past, so I am simplifying.  I did, however, make time to do a couple of craft projects.

I had seen some simple table top trees made from printed burlap and wanted to try making them.  I found the printed burlap at JoAnn’s Fabrics.  After making the trees I decided to make some stockings to hang on my entryway hat rack. I am pleased with how they all turned out.



I bought enough of the burlap to make some throw pillows, but they probably won’t get made until after the holidays.

Another project that I had seen in a shop a while back is prim candy canes.  I found plastic candy canes at Hobby Lobby.

I tore strips of homespun to wrap around the candy canes.


After wrapping the candy canes, I dipped my fingers in liquid fabric softener and smoothed the fabric down.  Then I sprinkled them with cinnamon and laid them on paper towels to dry.


All dry and ready to hang on the tree.


Here is a candy cane hanging on our tree.


I still have a few more things I need to set out, but I am about ready to call it done.

Tomorrow is our city’s annual Christmas Parade.  My BF and I go out early and set up chairs to save our spot, then our kids and grandkids join us for the parade.  We have a great time watching the kids enjoy all the sights and sounds.

I hope you all are having a blessed holiday season and taking the time to enjoy family and friends.



Angela said...

Hi Sue, I so love the printed burlap. I saw it somewhere on another site. We don't have a JoAnn's in our town but there is one in a neighboring town and I was just there on Saturday and didn't even think to check it out. Going to put it on my list tonight. Love how the trees and stockings turned out. And I love your candy canes also. Have fun at the parade. Ours is on Sunday afternoon. Have a great week

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

I keep seeing that wonderful burlap on a variety of blogs. Great creative projects!

bettyj said...

Hi Sue, I love your candy canes? did you get to take your trip? I have been thinking about you.

Jessica @Blessings in the Country said...

Your creations are wonderful Sue! Have a good time at the parade. :)

Prim blessings from Jessica

Christine said...

Love how prim the candy canes look and I love working with burlap also - your trees are great!
Best wishes

Cabin Fever Primitives said...

Wonderful Christmas creations, burlap trees and stockings are sweet. Primitive life is simple, less is better than too much. Hugs

Angie Berry said...

Goodness, I haven't had a chance to get out and shop for the past couple of months. I had no idea that Joann's carried the printed burlap. Your trees and stockings are so adorable Sue, love them! The candy canes are cute too! I started some last year but never got around to finishing them.

I hope you had a great time at the parade. Ours is this weekend. The kids always have such a good time, as do the adults.

Kristy said...

Sue...I think the trees are so fun and so are your primmed candy canes...Have a Blessed Christmas my friend. Hugs, Kristy