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Sunday, December 12, 2010

OH CHRISTMAS TREE, OH CHRISTMAS TREE - (Christmas Decorating – Part 1)

I was a little late with our Christmas decorating this year, but I am finally finished.  I have a lot of pictures to share so I thought I would divide them into a couple of posts.  This post is about – you guessed it – Christmas trees!
Our Living Room tree is not prim, but we love this tree.  It is filled with old glass ornaments that we have collected over the years.
Chrcitmas Decor 032 Chrcitmas Decor 035
Our Dining Room tree is my first attempt at decorating a prim style tree.  (I shared a little more about this tree in the previous post. ) The tree topper was made by my SIL many years ago from an old quilt – I love it and thought it was the perfect finish for this tree.   I love the wooden tag ornament from a friend that says, “Jesus is the reason for the season.”   I dried the orange and apple slices and rusted the cookie cutters to use as ornaments.
Chrcitmas Decor 010 
Chrcitmas Decor 011  Chrcitmas Decor 012
Our Santa tree – decorated with Santa lights and ornaments and located in our Sun Room (which is the grandchildren’s play room).  I found the Santa tree topper at a flea market many years ago.  The Mr. & Mrs. Claus ornaments were painted by a friend and my parents brought the old world Santa, made from a piece of quilt, back from vacation several years ago.
Chrcitmas Decor 001      Chrcitmas Decor 009 
Chrcitmas Decor 006   Chrcitmas Decor 007
A few other small trees around the house:
A grapevine tree that DH and I made years ago.  This year I added the rag-tied silicone lights (see A Primitive Place magazine for directions).  This is my favorite tree this year – it looks much better than it appears in the picture.  
Chrcitmas Decor 030
A grouping of trees on top of the TV cabinet.
Chrcitmas Decor 026
This tree in the Master Bedroom is styled like an old feather tree, but is actually plastic – I have had it for many years.  The ornaments were bought many years ago at a craft show – she had a few old things she wanted to get rid of and I was thrilled to find them.  Old – glass – unique shape – RED – a must have item for me!  The questionable shape behind the star tree topper is a twig wreath on the wall above the bed. 
My DH bought this little bench for me on our antiquing trip to Renniger’s in November.  I had seen a greeting card with a picture of a similar bench, with a simple little twig tree sitting on it – so off I went in search of the perfect tree.  I found this little tree with the burlap wrapped base last week  and it was just what I wanted for the entry hall.
Chrcitmas Decor 025
I love Christmas trees – if we had the room I would probably have more.  I hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.  Thank you for allowing my to share my Christmas tree with you.
Christmas Blessings,


Geesha said...

Hey Sue...Well I just love all your tree's but my favorite is the prim one I love the rusted cookie cutters and the apple and orange slices. It's primtastic!

bettyj said...

very pretty Sue, all of it. I love trees too, and like you I'd have more if I had room. Yours looks wonderful. It is cold and snowing here in East Tn.

Carol said...

Hi Sue! They all look spectacular and I'd love to have a bunch in my home too, but need more room.
You are the WINNER of my Merry Christmas giveaway! Hop on over to my blog and see the results. Send me your address so I can ship your prize:)

busybee said...

i love all of your trees! especially the little ones in the crocks!

cottageprims said...

I love that simple tree on the bench.The crock ones are sweet too.Ok everything is great.LoL.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

So many Pretty Trees!

Wonderful job on the prim tree! Just love it!
enjoy the day

mrssmith07 said...

All of your trees look GReaT Sue!!

I love them all!!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!


PrimWyoGirl said...

Love all your trees Sue! I love the Quilt star on the top of you orange/apple/cookie cutter tree. That little twig tree on the bench is very sweet! Thanks for sharing them with us! Congrats on your win from Carol too! You lucky gal! I won one from her two years ago, love it!

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...

WOW Sue! Look at all those beautiful trees! I love them all!

Carmen and the Primcats