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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

SANTA CLAUS HAS COME TO TOWN (Christmas Decorating Part 3)

The children of early European settlers believed that St. Nicholas would visit them in their new country just as he had in their homelands.  As a result America’s image of Santa Claus, like America itself, was a blending of many ethnic contributions.  Santa Claus is a beloved part of the holiday season…a spirit of sharing, giving and loving.  


I love this wooden Santa, kneeling to pray beside Baby Jesus in the manger.
Chrcitmas Decor 047  Chrcitmas Decor 047 - Copy

Santas displayed on bookcase in the Living Room.
Chrcitmas Decor 058 
 Chrcitmas Decor 050  Chrcitmas Decor 051 
Chrcitmas Decor 052  Chrcitmas Decor 053

Little wall shelf in Living Room and wash stand in Bathroom.
Chrcitmas Decor 056  Chrcitmas Decor 072

Guestroom decorated with Santas.
Chrcitmas Decor 060
 Chrcitmas Decor 063  Chrcitmas Decor 061 

Old cardboard and plastic Santas, and a Santa I made in a class many years ago.
Chrcitmas Decor 065  Chrcitmas Decor 066

I hope you enjoyed looking at my Santas.  I have enjoyed collecting them over the years.

Christmas Blessings,


mrssmith07 said...

Sue...ALL your Santa's look GReaT!!

I'd love to come to your home and see it all decorated for Christmas...every room has been adorned!! So pretty!!


PrimWyoGirl said...

Love all your Santas Sue! Wonderful collection and displayed very nicely!

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Hi Sue, enjoyed having a peek around your blog. Feel free to stop over at mine sometime. Happy Holidays!