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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Earlier this week - the doorbell rang and when I opened the door I was very surprised to see a FedEx truck driving away.  I was not expecting anything – but there sat a big box, with my name on it, on the front porch.  I couldn’t wait to open it and see what was inside.  Oh my, I was blown away.  My sweet friend Lori, theblackcrow, had sent me a “just because” gift.  

There was a book – Country Decorating – to add to my American Country collection.  And then, Lori had sent something for my Blue/Brown Guest Room – a huge old blue wooden bowl and a few brown rag balls.

Here they are just out of the box.

Here is the bowl on my quilt.  I hope you can see the wonderful patina and how great the colors are for this room.

I placed the bowl on my great-grandmother’s sewing machine, that I use as a bedside table.  I love it!  Lori, thank you for being so thoughtful - it is perfect!

Lori has been going through a busy season of life lately and hasn’t been able to post on her blog for awhile, but I encourage you to visit her blog anyway and check out her past posts here - you won’t be disappointed.

Yesterday - when my husband checked the mail our mailbox was empty, so we thought we had just not received any mail for that day.  Later in the afternoon my sister came by and when I opened the door there sat a box, with the mail tucked underneath it.  This box had my name on it too!  

Now that is two packages (for me) in one week – this is definitely out of the ordinary.  Again, I couldn’t wait to open the box and see what was inside.   It was a gift from my dear friend Linda, Parker’s Paradise.  

Linda had posted a picture of a sampler that she stitched (here), with the name of each grandchild, in a heart, around the words “Grandma’s Blessings” - and my grandmother’s heart was touched.  My “grands” are one of the great delights of my life and I just love that Linda feels the same way about hers.  I had posted a comment on Linda’s blog and she emailed me about my grandchildren – and then this wonderful gift arrived in the mail!


This picture does not do it justice.  It is beautiful!  Thank you, Linda,  for being so thoughtful – I love it!  (I  will be rearranging a wall display to make a special place to hang this – need DH’s help for this, so will post a picture later.)

Linda is a dear and her blog is delightful –be sure to visit her here.

GRATITUDE - I have made many dear friends through blogging. I had no idea when I began this journey what to expect, but I have been blessed beyond measure.

Thank you to each of my followers - and a special thank you to those of you who take the time to comment.  You touch my life with your friendship, as you encourage and inspire me.



Green Creek Primitives said...

Oh what great gifts, love the bowl with the rag balls, I also have a collection of those books. Love the grandchildren sampler, I am expecting my first in July, they are going to call him Oliver. I too didn't know what to expect when I first started blogging, but like you I have been blessed with people who care about whats going on with me and are very supportive, I treasure each of their friendships. Take care, Vicky

lilraggedyangie said...

Such wonderful surprises, always makes a person feel so nice inside! Enjoy your day!
lil raggedy angie

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

I'm so relieved it made it without breaking the glass. I'm always leary when I send something framed....I'll bet you're really impressed by the number of WalMart bags I had to use as padding. LOL They are just like bubble wrap!
Glad you enjoy the piece. I loved making it and I found a picture on your sidebar that I used to picture the children. Grandchildren are a real blessing! Glad you like it.

Jennifer said...

So wonderful!!! and so sweet

bettyj said...

Sue what a wonderful week you had! I bet you deserve every bit of it. I don't know Linda, I do follow her blog, but I do know Lori and she is just an awesome person. What wonderful people we meet in this blogging journey. God's blessings on you this week,

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Wonderful gifts from some kind friends~so many kind folks in blogland~

prims by olde lady morgan said...

What a delightful surprise from Lori and Linda! Love them both!!! And the goodies, well a wonderful bonus! The sampler, perfect keepsake! OLM

Craftyperson said...

Hi Sue...
Such wonderful gifts you received from two wonderful ladies..
Good for had a great week...

Prim hugs,

cottageprims said...

Sue~ Wonderful prim friends! Such pretties.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Gayle said...

Hey Sue - what a great bunch of goodies you received! Do you know why Lori hasn't posted on her blog for quite awhile? I miss seeing her stuff. If you need any more of the American Country books to complete your series, I have some duplicates FYI.

Angie Berry said...

Wow, how fun for you! Lori's goodies are perfect for your blue/brown room! The bowl does have a wonderful patina on it. Linda's stitchery is beautiful! How very precious and so very, very sweet of her!

I agree, I have been so very blessed with my sweet prim blog friends. I wish I had time to sit and visit every day but 3 kids keep me busy. I do get to missing my blog buddies terribly after a day or two. I really enjoy your blog and so glad to add you to my "list" of wonderful blog friends!

Have a delightful week sister~


Hi Sue, Im so glad that you found my blog and that I have now found yours. Its amazing how many of us have the same things in common. I too collect The series of American country books. Does anyone know how many of them are there to complete the whole series? Love the package of gifts you recieved. So thoughtful. By the way, I want to join your friend list but I am waiting and hopefully will be your 100 friend also like you were to my blog. Keep in touch. Blessings Theresa from

A Primitive Homestead said...

Love those rag balls. That book looks like it is loaded with ideas. It was nice to hear some word on Lori. I have missed her posts. I treasure a gift she sent me out of her kind heart. I read Linda's blog to & she is a doll. Always busy. The sampler is precious. Family is the heart & soul of our lives. Blessings!