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Saturday, September 29, 2012


A typical Saturday will find us at the ball park along with various grandkids and their parents. We currently have four grands playing ball – either soccer or softball.

Kaley (who turns 16 next week) plays competitive soccer and also plays on her high school’s varsity team. She is on the left in the photo below.


Kevin (age 9) plays city league soccer. I need to learn to use the sports mode on my camera.


Caelyn (age 7) is Kevin’s sister and also plays city league soccer. Her team is in purple - she is the one on the left in the group in the middle. I forgot to zoom before taking her picture.


Abbey (age 11) is Kaley’s sister and plays competitive softball. She was making her first hit of the game in this picture.  The blur in the lower left corner is the fence that I was taking the picture through.


Sometimes there is more than one game playing at the same time and sometimes they may even be at different parks. We just catch as many as we can and try to support each of them. Today’s soccer games happened to be at the same park – one at 9:00 am and two at 10:00 am on adjacent fields, so we were able to go back and forth and watch all of them play some. Abbey’s softball game was across town at 3:00 pm, so we had time to eat lunch and rest a bit before going back out into the heat.

We are so blessed to have all of our grandkids living near us and to be able to participate in their activities. Being a grandparent is one of the great joys of life!



Firecracker Kid said...

Hi Sue :) oh, this takes me back to the days when our children were involved in sports. A tight schedule indeed. It is fun to watch them excel.

bettyj said...

I remember those days. Now it will be Andrew(great), but I will try to be Just got back from the Panhandle! Weather was perfect!