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Monday, September 17, 2012


Karen, of My Colonial Home challenged bloggers to share how they came up with the name for their blog.  Read her post here.

In the spring of 2010 a friend shared a link with me to a cottage style decorating blog.  Her blog is adorable and I love her style, but it isn’t me.  I noticed on her sidebar that she followed other cottage style blogs and I checked out a few.  Then I thought… if there are blogs for people who like the cottage style then maybe there are blogs for those who like primitive style.  So…I googled “primitive style decorating blogs” and found a plethora of choices – among them was My Colonial Home.  Since I knew nothing about blogging, I just browsed around -  a lot!  I had no idea how to leave comments, much less start a blog of my own.  I noticed on a few sidebars some links to forums and I decided to check one out, only to find that I had to register.  As I started to register I learned that I had to have a username.  I tried a couple and they were already taken, then Primsue popped into my head and it was available, so that became my username.  After visiting blogs and forums for a few months I decided to give blogging a try.  I contacted Karen (My Colonial Home) and asked questions about blogging and she so graciously took the time to give me some pointers.

So, in September 2010 – wow, two years ago – I took the plunge into Blogland.  Of course one of the first things you have to do is come up with a name.  Since I had used Primsue on the forum I decided to stick with it.  Then I thought about what is dear to my heart – my love for God and my family; and what I enjoy - caring for and decorating our home.  So I put all of these thoughts together and Primsue’s Heart and Home was born.

I have met so many wonderful people and have enjoyed getting to know each of you through blogging.  Thank you to my dear followers who have stuck with me, even when I haven’t been as active as I would like. You are all amazing!

Be sure to check out Karen’s blog.  You will be so glad you did.

I didn’t do much decorating for Fall this year.  I just added a few pumpkins or a bit of foliage to my regular décor. 

My dining table display is the same as last year, but I really liked it so I didn’t change it.

The following pictures are of a few things I did differently this year.

Small pumpkins and a few Fall leaves tucked in around my pewter.

Dried gourds in bowl on coffee table.

Top of dry sink.

Entry way.

Thank you for stopping by.

Fall Blessings,


bettyj said...

Happy birthday,my friend. I was going to e-mail you but since you posted, will do it here. BTW Are you not on FB? I love your pictures and the name fits you perfectly. I am happy you started blogging too.did you notice we started a month apart?lol Don't blame you for leaving the table like it was. Love that.

~Sara said...

It is such fun to hear about everyone's blog beginnings, and the stories behind them. I just love your simple decorating. White pumpkins are one of my new favorites. Blessings~Sara

A Primitive Place ~ Tammy said...

I'm so enjoying everyone's posts about their blog names.
Thanks for sharing.
Loving all your fall goodies and displays.

Dirty Martini Queen said...

It's funny to hear everyone's stories about how they came to blogging and the fact that Karen influenced so many of us.

earlene said...

Your Fall is so nice and I especially love the trencher!
Have a wonderful day!

BumbleBeeLane said...

Seems everyone is going simplier this year with their fall decorating.I remember when I started blogging you were one of the ones who so warmly welcomed me.Warm Blessings!~Amy

Karen said...

Good morning Sue...
I love the name of your fits you well and I really love how it all came about.
Goodness your decorating is just warm and cozy.
Now I'm like you with certain decorations...if I find a place they look good and I love it...IT WILL LOOK THE SAME THE FOLLOWING YEAR. Why fix what isn't broke, right???
Thanks for joining in on my challenge.

Carmen and the Primcats said...

Everything looks beautiful Sue!

Carmen and the Primcats

prims by olde lady morgan said...


Love your story! Karen had a great idea here! so much fun reading everyone's story! OLM

Mabel Jane's said...

Enjoyed reading your story and your "fall" decorating...blessings...Pam