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Thursday, September 2, 2010

My First Post!!!

Hello and welcome to my blog. I just discovered the world of blogging a few months ago – I know I am way behind the times, but I am determined to catch up. As I have perused and then followed many great blogs I have been inspired and encouraged to give blogging a try. My desire is to share thoughts from my heart about my love for God, my family and the care and decorating of our home. I enjoy antiquing, especially for primitive antiques, but the cost is often beyond my budget. My husband and I like to make, make-do, or make-over whatever we can to make our home a haven for family and friends. I hope you will bear with me as I learn my way around the blogging world. Please come back and visit again.


Robyn said...

Lookin good! Welcome to blogging! Any help or questions you have, shoot me an email and I'll help you out the best I can!
Stop by my blog for a chance to win my giveaway!

Anne F said...

Sue, Welcome to the blog world. I know you will do great. I don't have a blog but I have a list of favorites and you are on there now. Good luck to you.

GradyL said...

Looks Awesome Sue!!! Hugs Kristy

jennifer768 said...

Looks wonderful Sue ! Hugs,Jen

Donna said...

Well Welcome to BLOGLAND Sue love your blog,,,you will love it once you get used to it!!! I promise in no time you will be a Blogging Pro!!! Now lets see if we can get you some more Followers !!!! I'm gonna go put a plug in for you on my blog,,,sometimes it helps...sometimes it does;nt!! But we're gonna give it a shot!!! lol!!! Come on over for a visit. I'm working on trying to get my 300th follower giveaway. All you need to do is become a follower ..thats it to get a chance at winning a Prim prize a month for 6 months. Once I hit 300 followers ...I will put all the names in a big old Bowl..and have hubby Draw the's that easy!!!!I'm 39 followers away from the big drawing!! Donna

mrssmith07 said...

Hi Sue and CoNGRaTuLaTioNS on starting your blog!! I'm a follower now too!! Also adding you to my FaV's!!

Best of luck!!


At Home With Amy said...

Welcome to blog land Sue. I can't wait to read about your family and life adventures. You are off to a fabulous start. Looking forward to more.
Hugs and blessings,

dee begg said...

Welcome to blogland. You'll be an old pro at it real soon! You are off to a great start.


Before The Dawn said...

Hi Sue! I came over from Donna's blog. :) It's nice to "meet" ya, I am a prim loving Christian too!

Brenda said...

Welcome to blogging land Sue!!


Tammy ~ A Primitive Place said...

Hello Sue,
And Welcome to BlogLand!!
I look forward to reading your posts.
Have a great weekend!!
Take Care,

Robin said...

Welcome and have fun with it!! If I can do it...anyone can. Have a blessed weekend.

Primsue said...

Thank you all for your encouragement and kind comments. And a BIG thank you to those of you who became followers. I look forward to getting to know all of you as I learn my way around blogland.

Blessings and Hugs,

Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

Welcome to blogland!!!! I'm new too so come by and visit me when you have a chance. I LOVE it so far it's a great way to "meet" people with the same interests. By the way your blog looks great you're doing a wonderful job!!!