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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The topic for this week’s Tuesday Display Chain is ~*Holiday Crafting*~.  Misi asked us to show our crafting projects completed from previous seasons or in the works for this season.

I haven’t gotten my Christmas decorations out of storage yet, so I do not have any past projects to share.  And I have only just begun working on this year’s craft ideas.  I had planned to make a homespun rag-tied garland for a gift and had already gotten the supplies together and prepared the rag strips for tying when Misi posted this week’s topic.  This was the push I needed to get started on my project.  Then I saw the idea in A Primitive Place magazine (page 109) for a Rag-Tied Twinkle Light Garland and  I decided I needed to make one of these for myself – so I added another project to my list.

These are the rag strips ready to be tied.


This is the garland I am working on for a gift.  (I plan to add something else to this, but I can’t give the idea away yet – in case my friend reads this post.)


Here is the beginning of my Rag-Tied Light Garland.  I had started tying strips on a strand of  twinkle lights, but today I found mini silicone lights and knew this was what I wanted for my garland.  I tied a few strips this afternoon so I could show how it is going to look.  I plan to use this on my grapevine tree and love how it is turning out. 

If you’d like to make a rag-tied garland check out A Primitive Place Magazine for instructions. 

Be sure to visit Misi at 1890 Gable House Musings to see what she and the other participants are working on.  I am grateful to Misi for this week’s topic – it challenged me to begin working on my projects.

With A Grateful Heart,


Audrey said...

Isn't A Primitive Place magazine just the best!! ;)
You are doing a great job on your lights.

I have seen so many great ideas today with this chain.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

The garland is so Prim/Cute! I love it, it would look great on any tree! I really like the material you picked for it!
Great work!
have a nice fall day!

Michelle said...

Hi Sue,
I love the way that garland looks, I better put it on my someday list! lol

The Primitive Heart said...

Hi Sue,
What a neat idea! I love your fabric choices!

mrssmith07 said...

I love them both Sue!!

Great job!!


Lorna/Live Oak Primitive Peddler said...

Hi Sue, thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. 8-) I love the garlands, using the silicone bulbs will be prim perfect!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue!

Love your garland! I love it with the silicone lights. I would love to have some but haven't seen them around here yet. They have a very nice glow!

Are you going to use your garland on your tree or a mantle???

Love this I hope you share how you decorate with it when it's finished.

Hugs to you my friend!