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Saturday, October 9, 2010


A neighboring town has an Antique Fair, on the sidewalks along Main Street, the second Saturday of each month.  It was a little cooler today so we thought we would go and see what we might find.

There weren’t a lot of primitive goodies, but I did find a few things – a cheese box, some wooden spoons, and a CROCK!


The spoons aren’t very old, but there are some unique shapes – hopefully I can figure out how to age them some.  Anyway, I thought they would look good in a crock on the Kitchen counter.

Just couldn’t pass up the CROCK – the price was good and I didn’t have one like it – so I needed this one, right?  My DH said there has to be a stopping point sometime - meaning I didn’t need any more crocks – what was he thinking?  I told him I didn’t think that it would happen any time soon.

It was a nice outing and it is always fun when I get to bring home goodies.  Did anyone else have any good finds today – antique, thrift store, yard sale?  Please share – I love to hear from you.

Hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend,


Audrey said...

Love what you got! It killed me to stay home and not "hunt" today but I have much work going on with re painting the entire top floor.I love the crock and personally think there is no such thing as a stopping point.
I have seen new spoons painted, sanded , stained. looks good.
Glad you had good luck.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Hi Sue...well as far as I'm concerned...we never have enough crocks...they are just so great...and so many uses.
Try soaking your spoons in a coffee bath...make the coffee very dark. Actually I find I have better luck when I use instant coffee crystals rather than brewed coffee.

Primsue said...

Thanks, Karen, I will give that a try.

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Love the crock! Keep buying them!
have a nice day!

the black crow said...

Oh Sue! are hooked now...better let your hubby know that there is probably no end in sight when it comes to crocks! LOL

As for aging the spoons try some vanilla extract mixed with a little warm water. I don't like coffee smell but I love the smell of vanilla and it will last long in the wood.

Have a great day!

PrimWyoGirl said...

Beautiful Crock Sue! And we all know, whether the hubbys do or not that a prim gal cannot pass up a good buy on a crock, no matter how many we have!!!