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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Pewter Plates!!!

As I posted on Saturday, I bought a couple of pewter plates at Goodwill.  They had more, but I only bought two.  Well I hadn’t been able to stop thinking about them and the fact that I only bought two – so yesterday I went back to GW and bought the rest (6).  I also found one small pewter plate and bought that one too.  So I got 6 of the larger plates and the one small plate for less than $20 - (all totaled for 8 plates and 1 small plate I spent about $25 – pretty good deal, don’t you think?)

These are the plates I got yesterday.  The other two are displayed on a shelf and I want to wait until they are all displayed to show those pictures.

Pewter Plates 003

You know how it goes – when you get new stuff you have to do some tweaking and rearranging to make room for it.  And sometimes you have to wait for DH to help with part of the project.  Well, that is where I find myself today.  I want to display the pewter plates on the shelves beside my TV cabinet (which DH made many years ago and I still love).  Fortunately the shelves are adjustable, because right now some of the shelves are too close to display the plates.  I need DH’s help to reconfigure the shelves and I have also asked him to cut plate grooves in them.  That means everything has to come off the shelves – and some of it will not return and I will have to find a place for it.  So I have to wait – and I am not very patient when I have a display idea and I want to give it a try.

The reason I have to wait is because my sweet husband is doing some repairs on my parents’ screened porch – I guess their need is greater than mine, so that is a priority.  He has been working on this off and on for a few days, so hopefully he will finish today.  Then maybe tomorrow he can help me with my shelves.

Anyway, I will post pictures of the TV cabinet display when it is finished.  But I just couldn’t wait to share about the pewter plates.  I’m so glad they were still there when I returned.

I hope you are all having a blessed week!

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PrimWyoGirl said...

Sue, I am so happy you went back to get those plates! I don't know about your area but those kind are not easy to come by around here. I would have taken them all whether I needed them or not just because I figure If I decided I didn't need them so many prim people love them and look for them that they would always make a great swap gift or RAK or something (but of course my thinking usually gets me in trouble! :)) I hope your DH gets time to do your shelves soon! I can't wait to see them all displayed!
Hugs, Jayne

michelle said...

Glad to hear they were still there.Dont you just hate that when you see something you should of got and cant stop thinking about do it all the time and I dont have any patience either.enjoy displaying your new treasures,cant wait to see.blessings michelle

Carla said...

You got a great deal on the plates! I am always looking for them, with no luck. Can't wait to see the display.

mrssmith07 said...

Oh I'm glad they were still there for you Sue!!

You will enjoy using them in many different ways!!

You really got a bargain on them too!!

Hope hubby gets your TV stand fixed soon...I'm impatient that way too!! (wink wink)


Michele said...

Can't wait to see the display! Thanks for all the nice comments you leave on my blog ~ I appreciate it! Wanted to let you know that I nominated you for "The Versatile Blogger" award on my blog. Stop by for a visit and pick it up!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Well now I was going to scold you seriously if I had read further and saw that you didn't go back after the plates...they are wonderful.